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we offer the keratin lash lift as our standard.  the special elleebana strong hold lash adhesive used in this procedure is infused with keratin and biotin to not only nourish your lashes, but reduce the incidence of glue reapplication, which could cause unnecessary damage. at the conclusion of your service, we'll apply elleeplex, a clear solution Enriched with proteins, amino acids and vitamin complex ingredients such as keratin, allantoin and panthenol. it's Specially formulated to help restore proteins, speed up cell generation, increase potassium channels in the cells and increase moisture levels to the hair. 
with elleebana's innovative one shot lash lift single use sachets, you're guaranteed a fresh solution for each service, ensuring consistently beautiful results.  their process is also formulated to be fast, yet gentle, which means less time at the salon!  a complimentary application of regen, elleebana's NEW revolutionary lash protection serum, seals the deal.

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​​​​​​should i tint my lashes too?

it's best to arrive with naked lashes, however any eye makeup will be removed prior to the procedure if this isn't possible.  first, your technician will choose a silicone lash rod customized to suit your lash length:  small, medium, large or x-large.  your lower lashes will be covered with a pad.  the rod will then be nestled closely to your lash line and your upper lashes will be carefully adhered to the rod.  a perming solution will be applied, allowed to cure and then removed and replaced with a setting lotion.  Your lashes can be tinted, if desired.  to conclude your service, we'll apply elleeplex to help nourish your lashes.
a LASH LIFT WILL GIVE YOUR LASHES A SEMI-PERMANENT LIFT AND CURL THAT LASTS UP TO 8 WEEKS.  No more eyelash curlers!  this game-changing procedure will give you a more bright-eyed, groomed and uniform look, with zero maintenance.

​​​​​what is a lash lift?

FOR a minimum of 24 hours:
no water, heat, moisture, saunas, steam of any kind (including cooking/ovens) 
don't use any oil, lotions, creams, face washes, shampoos, makeup removers or wipes 
Sleep on your back and don't rub your eyes to avoid lashes shifting.
a lash tint after a lift can really make your newly curled lashes pop!  if you're looking for the ultimate low-maintenance duo, this is it!  however, if you never plan to skip mascara, then you may want to skip the tint.

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